Bicycle service

Do you want to restore your loved vintage bicycle to its former glory or would you like to make your vintage racing bicycle more comfortable? 

Below is a list of common bicycle issues with indicative prices. These prices exclude cost of materials. We specialise in vintage road, touring and hybrid bicycles and do not work with internal hub bikes. We are also a Certified Partner for Cowboy electric bicycles

Consultation is free and a detailed quote is issued before any work commences: so no need to stress about a nasty unexpected bill.

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Brake/gear cable change internal Elvedes stainless steel 8 euro
Brake/gear cable change, internal and external 15 euro
Change brake blocks 15 euro
Change brake levers 20 euro
Headset  change 30-50 euro
Change bar-tape or bicycle grips 20 euro
Adjust gears 15 euro.
Replace spoke 15 euro
True wheel 20-30 euro
Replace wheel 45-80 euro
Change tire & tube 20 euro
Bottom bracket replacement/ service 60 euro
Replace cassette/freewehel 20 euro
Replace chain  20 euro