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Basil Icon Bicycle Basket Medium MIK 40 x 33 x 25 cm

Basil Icon Bicycle Basket Medium MIK 40 x 33 x 25 cm

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The Basil Icon M is a practical black bicycle basket for the back of the bicycle. Its handle makes it a handy shopping basket, and the MIK system makes it quick and easy to attach it and remove it from your bicycle. The basket also fits on carriers with a raised front/rear and is suitable for many (E-bike) luggage carriers. You simply attach it lengthwise or widthwise to your luggage carrier. 

How does it connect to my bike?

You will need a rear bag carrier such as this or the ones found on the Cowboy bicycles. Then you will need a MIG adapter plate for the bag carrier. Or you could simply cable tie it to the bag carrier - you just won't be able to easily remove it then.

  • Suitable for all luggage carriers (including e-bikes).
  • Suitable for WSL System.
  • Dimensions: 34 x 29 x 23 cm (External dimensions)
  • Position on the bicycle: On the back attached to luggage carrier
  • Material: Steel
  • Coarse mesh / Fine mesh: Fine mesh
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